2018 Intentions

I am done with resolutions. I have an unhealthy history with setting unrealistic standards for myself that are in no way likely. Although I don’t usually write them down, I certainly set mental EXPECTATIONS. Truth is, the underlying motivation for the internal goals I set each year is defeat and discouragement from the things I haven’t accomplished previously. Eww… I hate that so much. Since when has negativity been an effective motivator for positive growth? I am changing that this year.

This year, I am entering 2018 with INTENTIONS rather than expectations. A healthy heart can be expectant of what is to come without setting destructive expectations. There is a three-step process that I think can help us all produce healthy intentions moving forward.

  1. Past- Take a look back at the last year. Write down or discuss your favorite times. Thank God for all He has done and where HE has brought you.
  2. Present- Pause and look around. Take temperature of your current physical, mental and spiritual state. Self-actualization is important. Find an awareness of who you are at this moment in your life.
  3. Future- Now is the time to look ahead at where you are going. Who do you want to be? What characteristics are you hoping to develop? What do you want your day-to-day life to look more like? How can you make the world around you better?

In case you are still looking for goals to aim toward this year, here are a few ideas from mine:

Measure what Matters

  • Focus less on outer things and more on the internal
  • Dwell on what the Lord says & thinks of me… not on who others say I am or define me.
  • Give away more than I get
  • More experiences; Less social media
  • Building friendships matter more than likes and followers

Practice the Practical 

  • Home- creating a schedule, cleaning regularly, meal planning, purging the unnecessary and thinking more minimalistic, find rhythm, long for routine, celebrate rest, healthy family over everything
  • Personal- pausing to worship individually and as a family daily; sharing more of what God’s teaching me with others, writing music, drinking 64 oz water a day, Better bedtime (midnight- I am a night owl), fuel my body with the right food, physical activity 4x week (workout, hike, yoga)
  • People- encourage more, talk less, listen more, text back quicker, make & answer phone calls, intentionally set one-on-one dates with friends, invite others to worship and dine with our family more often, send more “just because” cards and gifts

Follow-thru with Faithfulness

  • Be faithful in the small things
  • Make plans & stick to schedule
  • Be punctual- respect others’ time and boundaries
  • Don’t say things & not do it


The moral of this story is this: Life is a sweet gift we have been given. Let’s be more intentional with what we have… time, energy, relationships & resources.

2018 is going to be my year, I know it!




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