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Hi, I'm Jessie. Born and raised Florida girl but loving life in Los Angeles. What can I say, I was meant to live by the beach. Married my first, only & now forever boyfriend, @pedrolatorre_. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love him any more... we became a party of three! Now I'm a new mommy to our little Justice Arrow. Outside of being the best wife, mommy & human I can be... music is the only other thing I know I am created to do forever.

Our life is a little different than most, but it's all we know! I've spent the majority of my adult life traveling and have learned that home truly is wherever you make it with the people you love. Touring with music and ministry makes balancing home life an adventure in itself. Keeping my house clean isn't my strong suit but keeping it filled with friends is my favorite. My passion for people is matched only by my affinity toward food. I dream in a language called ice cream and basically just work out because I have no self-control against it. Did I mention I am a cheese enthusiast. I like it in everything, even my jokes. I live for a good deal, singing, spending time outdoors and Jesus (not in that order). Multi-tasking queen, I'm guilty of jamming my life packed full. I'm a words of affirmation junkie, charcuterie board guru and lover of quick wit. Translation: tell me I'm pretty, feed me and sprinkle in a little sarcasm... we'll be besties for life!


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In this little corner of the {internet} world, I'll share with you what I'm learning, where I'm going & the treasures I'm finding along the way. Think of this as an inside look to the behind-the-scene moments of our life... not a highlight reel. Vulnerability and truth are my mission because life is so much more than perfectly poised pictures. My promise is to commit to embracing all of it, even when it's uncomfortable in the not-so-sexy, raw moments. Occasionally, I may share in a video format instead of writing, if time permits. After all, that is the best way to capture the fullness of my little Justice. I'm also excited to share some music and events we have in the works.


Ultimately, celebrating life's quirks & building self-confidence are what I hope you'll find trending here most. Health is my central goal- physically, spiritually and relationally. Discovering new things that make life easier and more efficient is my favorite! I am no expert at life by any means, but I hope my learning and findings save you some hassle and heartache. Interact with me, give me feedback and let's make this life easier on each other by figuring it out together!