Spring Travel Round Up

If you know anything about my life with my little family, you know that we travel. One of my favorite things about what my husband does for a living, besides the fact that he’s changing the world of course, is getting to tag along! He is a traveling speaker and hates to be away from home (us)… so sometimes he takes home on the road with him! My wanderlusting heart has absolutely no objections. I thought I’d sit down and start sharing with you about our travels in small increments. I do my best to utilize instastory while we are on-the-go but actually post to Facebook or Instagram much more infrequently than I probably should. I’m not always great at posting pics in real time because life on the go with a little person in tow is hectic. I struggle between the desire to be fully present and wanting to share important moments on social media as a way of looking back and remembering them forever.  Since I am not a scrapbooker or journaler, I try to be intentional at posting moments I don’t want to forget. I am going to take some time this week to summarize a few of our trips we’ve gone on over the last few months and share photos that didn’t make it onto social media. I better do it now while its decently fresh on my mind, otherwise it will all be a blur {because: mom brain is a real thing}. Here’s Part 1 and stay tuned for follow-ups this week and next until we are all caught up!

Los Angeles>Fort Myers>Atlanta>Savannah>Dallas>Midland>Los Angeles

MAYHEM. Our Spring/Summer season has been nonstop. The day after Easter, Pedro set out on a 2 week tour with Bethel Worship where they were in a different city every night. So Justice, Demi (our dog) and I spent some time in Florida visiting my family, friends and soaking up some sunshine! We were mostly in Fort Myers, my hometown, but even ventured up to Orlando to meet up with some of my childhood friends and their new babies in the middle of the state. At the end of the two weeks, we flew out to support Pedro and Bethel in Georgia for the last night of tour. We had 6 days in between tour and a speaking engagement in Texas, so we took our rest week to hug the necks of our family in Atlanta and Savannah. Unfortunately, we also took turns hugging a toilet from a stomach bug too. Nevertheless, we did manage to squeeze some good hours out of each day to make memories with Pedro’s side of the family. Justice especially loved hanging out with his cousins! Then we were off to Texas. After a pitstop overnight in Dallas to see a bestie, we spent the weekend in Midland, TX with the amazing people of Renew Life Church.  Our favorite part of traveling for work is getting to see the people we love who live all across the country. It keeps relationships alive. It’s amazing how seeing the people you love along the way has this crazy way of fueling you amidst all the chaos. After almost a month gone on the road, we returned to LA surprisingly refreshed.

HOME. We only had about 10 days home in LA mid-May so we did our best to make the most of it. Rest, church, chiropractor, laundry… you know, the essentials. In that short window home, we celebrated two of our very favorite friends’ birthdays. People are the most important thing in our entire world so we block off time and turn down gigs so that we don’t miss out on important moments in the lives of our ride-or-dies. First up was Erick Yamagata’s belated bday bonfire Friday night at Dockweiler beach. On Saturday we grooved, gobbled and gabbed at Anjelah Johnson’s big 35th backyard bash. Between the two nights we literally were able to see almost everyone we love and do life with in Los Angeles-score!

REST. The following day was my day.. Mother’s Day! We started off with my favorite Sunday morning activity… Farmers Market! That followed by brunch at Joans on Third equals pure perfection. Then Pedro had a surprise for me. He had a packed bag and we set out for our journey. We stopped on the way at my bestie Anjelah’s house because her bday fell on Mother’s Day. Midday we set back out on our journey with a happy napping baby…. major score. Pedro surprised me with a staycation getaway. I realize that sounds like an oxymoron…Let me explain. It was a staycation in that we didn’t have to fly. It was a getaway in that we drove an hour to Rancho Palos Verde and stayed 2 days at Terranea Resort. It was absolutely perfect. Beach, pool, spa, buffet, room service and total peace in my soul. I literally couldn’t have asked for a better surprise. One of my favorite places ever with my two favorite people on planet earth. After all, what is Mother’s day without the babe and hubs? Ludicrous. They are what it’s all about.

More of our travels soon but I’m all typed out for now. Here’s some pics I never posted!




Easter brunch with friends                                                 Justice’s first Easter basket from YaYa when he arrived

after City Church LA                                                            in Florida the following evening! Full of his current

@ Toast in West Hollywood.                                              faves…she knows him well 🙂



First things first: Florida visits mean haircuts for all! SO thankful for my brother Josh and his career choice.


This baby man was like our                               My cousin’s kids teaching                               My dad THRIVES as a grandpa.

firstborn- we almost adopted                        Justice to share… work in progress.                         It’s seriously his gifting.

him but instead are auntie

& uncle 🙂 Glad I was in town to

celebrate his birthday!


I’ve known this girl since high                        Made the 3 hr dr to Orlando to see some of my favorite friends ever.

school (GO Greenwave) and youth                       I cannot remember not knowing these 4 adults …. now our kids

group (KAIO) days. Renee or                                will get to be friends growing up! SO cool! (PS- Both girls on the

Nae Nae as I call her, and her                               right were pregnant here- it was still a secret for Lo at this point)

hubby live in Nashville now but

happened to be visiting home

at the same time as me. Love

coincidences like that.


I was hoping to meet Rhy’s new baby girl                  To me, Atlanta means seeing my cousin Denise (and her sweet hubby

but she just wouldn’t come out in time!                      and daughter). This time I got to stay in there new (first) home! OMG

Also, taking pictures with kids is hard.                        we are grown ups! But yes, we are both still under 5 ft tall.


From my cousins to his… Our Next stop was in                         We loved staying with Pedro’s sister Tianna and our

Savannah, GA where Justice got to spend time with his          brother-in-law Jason in their beautiful home. I mean

only cousins Maddox and Ethan. Justice was bleeding            there is nothing sweeter than our kids making bathtub

within 15 minutes of arriving, hence the forehead                    memories together!




Always wanted a sister… thankful that                        What are the odds we would set a timer  and manage to get

marriage brought me this one! She bought                 a picture with everyone looking on the first try? I know, impressive.

us these matching shirts that couldn’t be.                   Pedro’s dad, stepmom and step brother drove from Birmingham

more true of motherhood. Now if only we                   to spend a few days with us in Savannah so the gang could all be

lived closer!                                                                        together.



Best husband. Best surprise. Best Mother’s Day. Best hotel. Best food. Best beach. Best memories. Best baby.




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